My silent cry

My silent cry

My body wants to die

My silent cry

The soul still fights

I want to see the end


I am so tired and sad.

I give up, I need a break.                                                                   

Switch on the light,

hug me for goodbye.

I want to fly.

Far away from here

Where my soul will stay alive

Peaceful and wild, both at the same time

And I shall leave my body there

Finally to die.                                                                          

Oh, I do not care,

that there will not be a cross and a christ!

And nobody to shut my eyes.

I will be like a bird set free.

You will see me fly. Finally!

And that will be more than enough,

My dreamed chance to live twice.

Please, be kind, remember my pride.

I will be always there, by your side.

Invisible love, silent hug. Quiet.